hello, i'm ryan.
"Most likely I'mma die with my finger on the trigger."
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Another friend found dead in the streetA painful death of self-defeatThe reaper killed by the seeds that were sownAnother mother destined to be aloneSee the world through sunken eyesInfected soul, infected brainFeel your flesh turn stone coldAnd endless downward spiral of misery and pain is what remainsYou used to do that shit for funA steady march of slow deathWith no intention of turning backFeel the pleasure, you taste the painGetting high just to get sick againYou don’t seem to be having much funWake up, wake up from this lucid dreamNightmares, nightmares are what the future bringsSee your spirit fly with the angelsFall from the heavensFall through your fingersYou say you’re hurting? I’m hurting tooAm I to love you? I hate the things you doYou say it’s over. you say you’re soberYou’re fucking cleanAnd then you fucking OD?So you chose to take your life awaySuicide is an easier waySee the world through sunken eyesWe tried to change the path you were onFeel your flesh turn stone coldA night alone. a spoon, a needle needle in the arm, and now you’re gone.Can you climb out of this hole that you’ve dug?I wish I could help you but I can’tWatching through my eyes is miseryDying in your eyes, that’s all I seeSee your shadow fall from heavensFall through your fingersFade into nothing

Goodnight moon

off to a land close to death


don’t you wish you weren’t?


Mad points, no dope

Larry Clark -Tulsa 1971